We believe that Stayoga is an online store that goes beyond the conventional.We offer a wide range of products related to the physical activity of Yoga, Fitness and Meditation.

Our range of products is aimed at people who are starting in the practice, even professionals in the sector, Yoga centers, Therapy centers, Gyms and Shops.

The selection of our products is rigorous and meets all the Organic, Artisanal and Sustainable parameters with the environment.We believe in a globalized world, in harmony and coherent with the environment, offering biodegradable products without generating damage to the planet.

Our values as a company are to promote people's physical, mental and spiritual health.And encourage those people who are unaware of the benefits of the practice to try and go further in the disciplines of Yoga and Meditation.

We have a presence in 27 countries which has allowed us to adapt and get to know each of the markets better, thus improving our repertoire and introducing new ideas in a digital and evolving world that allows us to go further and further.

Infinite thanks for trusting in our business model!

Stayoga Team